Pro 40 Tray Upright Refrigerator Cabinet

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Product Description

Temperature:    Refrigerator

The Foster Bakery Range helps you plan and prepare your production to overcome the peaks and troughs associated with every bakery, ensuring you make the very best use of your time and available storage space.

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Temp Min:    1

Temp Max:    4

Height:    2068

Width:    1440

Depth:    916

Capacity:    0

Additional Notes:

Bakers trays not supplied as standard

All the above models are built to take 30″ x 18″ trays as standard. If it is required to take 60 x 40 cm trays, please specify this at the time of ordering by adding a ‘C’ prefix eg. C PRO 20 DR

Extra pairs of stainless steel trayslides available